• Round Mold Multi Pack

    multi pack comes with 

    1.5 - 2 - 2.25 - 2.5 - 2.75 - 3 inch molds 

    plus a wooded plunger as a bonus item 


    This pack saves you over $25 




    Which means order turn around time could be 2-3 weeks. 

    Please be patient with us, as we get these molds done as quickly as we can, without compromising quality.

    These molds are a strong, and durable plastic that can handle all of your bathbomb making needs. Please watch out demo to see how the mold is used.


    No cancellations, or refunds. Exchanges can be made for unused goods, customer pays shipping. If something arrives damaged, a replacement will be sent.

    If you have any quality issues, please message us, and we will send you a replacement

    Tip - wipe away any mix stuck to the inside of your cylinder before moving on to your next bathbomb

    Color of mold may vary!

    ** Please note that any wear, or discoloration is not a defect, nor does it impact the quality of your mold. This is simply caused by the sanding process. We sand your molds prior to shipping, to insure you get the smoothest bathboms possible.

    PLEASE READ! When cleaning your mold, do NOT let it sit in warm water. Our molds are heat sensitive and can warp if left exposed to heat. Simply rinse your mold with room temp water, and wipe clean. We warranty our molds for a year, and will replace and piece if it some how cracks, but heat damage will not be covered by the warranty.