Snowman Ball Mold File

Snowman Ball Mold File



This is just a file. Not an actual mold. 


These STL files will allow you to print your own mold, with your own 3d printer. 3d models can be resized to your liking in your sclicing softwear. Perfect for anyone who wants to make their own molds, for their personal business. 


We do not allow refunds on digital files. Before you purchase please make sure that you are familiar with 3d printing, and the machine you are using. The setting you enter into your slicing softwear will affect the outcome of your print. We are not responsible for the quality of your prints. 


These files are for personal use only. Selling or sharing our files will result in legal action being taken. Selling molds made with our files will also result in legal action being taken. Purchasing these files are a confirmation that you accept these terms, and agree to a non commercial use contract.